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Programs that check your hard drive

Programs that check your hard drive
Programs that check your hard drive
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This article gives some tips on how you can check your hard drive.

Things to check when buying a hard drive.

Buying hard drive is a special event. First of all you have to make sure that the drive is brand new. Second, you should conduct surface disk test for factory defects.

For this procedure you will need one of two programs: MHDD or Victoria.

Both programs have similar interface, they both work in DOS operating system and have text-based interface. The programs include complete documentation, so I don't need to describe how to work with them. I can only say that both enable you to thoroughly check the disc. Also they allow you to check the SMART attributes.

Smart talk about SMART

S.M.A.R.T. - Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology. The core principle behind SMART system is that in modern hard drives detection and logging of errors is software embedded.

With these protocols, for example, you can find out what's the disk temperature, how many read and write errors it had, or how many hours it worked.

Besides standard SMART attributes, there are also free ones. That's why, before checking hard drive attributes, it is essential to study the documentation on the manufacturer's website. In general attributes contain useful information, it won't hurt to read a bit.

If working hard drive began to fail...

If the hard drive was in use for a long time, and different problems began to popup, the first thing to do is to replace all the cables. Yes, you heard well. Before the test starts change the cables, otherwise you may think that the problem is in the device, even though the problem could be solved for couple of bucks.

After change of cables, check SMART attributes, then the surface of the disc.

After checking the surface, check file system for logical errors.

Disk check for logical errors

There are many programs for different file systems that check for logical errors. But we kindly support the idea of checking the file system using utilities from the manufacturer of the operating system, native to the file system.

So, if you need to check the disk that works with Windows, there is nothing better than Scandisk from Microsoft.

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November 15, 2018 at 04:37 am
Numerous excellent Commercial Hard Drive Repair Software programs are accessible also. It's called free hard drive diagnostic testing. Also, some application is also developed for it.

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