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Water, crystal-clear water...

Water, crystal-clear water...
Water, crystal-clear water...
Authors: Eugene Shevchuk
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Hello My name is Eugene. I am an electronics engineer (So to say... engineering is in my head). Before I tell you about the water, notebooks, tablets and their tragic interaction, a few words about myself. I work in the field of diagnostics and service repair of various types of computer equipment. I tin, solder and fix computers for more than 12 years, and the last five years specialize in the repair of laptops, tablets and other very tiny, fragile and portable piece of cra... er, computer electronics. In my practice, I've seen a lot of interesting cases, and I came to a conclusion that a vast majority of malfunctions are users’ fault))). No, I'm not going to lecture you, scold, bug, or be a smart mouth.))))) The purpose of this short article (and hopefully a few more funny-scary stories) is to enlighten... er, I mean I want to clarify couple of interesting things that (hopefully) will help you avoid future unexpected breakdowns of different devices, trips to Service Centers, unpleasant dealings with dreadful and horrible repair technicians and quite substantial repair costs, etc. So...)

Water, water... and again water and everything related to this magical substance. You all know that water is a liquid. It's cool, colorless, tasteless (though, if it's tap water, there might be some taste of... rust, pipe, chlorine, and who knows what else). Chemists might say that it's hydrogen oxide or 2 hydrogen oxide... blah, blah, blah. Has three aggregate states (like ice, liquid, vapor). 71% of the surface of our mother\father Earth\Terra is covered by water. And if that is not enough, we are 75% water (the rest is pride).

So, the water has all these cool properties and if you find this interesting, google it up and you’ll receive some intellectual joy. Please note, that one of the properties is the ability to dissolve other substances, forming a variety of solutions (salts, acids, alkalis, etc.), and they in turn become violently active, if there is an electric current "passing by". Its aggressive properties are explained by so-called electrolysis (random movement of ions in salty solutions and other conductive liquids in the presence of electric field created by the electrodes that are connected to a power source... How simple is that? By the way if interested to learn more about the laws of electrolysis of Uncle Faraday there is always wikipedia. Simply said it's a process of fermentation and digestion accompanied by funny smells, colorful salts and other "astonishing thing". Now imagine a beautiful early morning, you are sleepy, with a cup of coffee and your favorite notebook or tablet and suddenly you remember that we're late for work! You quickly start putting on shoes, shaving, etc. Now you at the make up stage and completely forgot about the cup of coffee/juice next to your Notebook... one bad move and... Uncle Faraday’s electrolysis quickly starts to weave beautiful patterns of corrosion in your favorite notebook\tablet\smartphone. Or in the evening after work, sitting with friends over a beer or glass of juice you found some really funny prank, and start to laugh, have funny discussion, someone is reaching for something on the table, and then a glass of beer\juice... tragically... bam. Again... uncle Faraday with his electrolysis starts plotting new patterns in the powerless\almost dead device. In either case, even if you think that only little amount of liquid was spilled or none at all, don’t think you are in the safe zone, keep in mind the notorious laws of Murphy about 100% probability of bad luck. Now as fast as possible disconnect the device from the power source (unplug the adapter and remove the battery). Because this violates one of the key conditions of electrolysis. By removing the electric field, we interrupt the fermentation\digestion process. And, of course, then you take your diving device (battery, AC adapter separate) and pay us a visit (then just pay). By us I mean the workers of the hammer... oh, soldering iron and a multimeter. By the way if you (right after the accident with the glass\cup) interrupted the electric circuit in time (AC and battery), it will be easier to conduct negotiations with Uncle Faraday and electrolysis, and for you it'll be much cheaper. And I must warn you, do not try to disassemble, clean, wash, scrape, solder, cry, weep, sob etc., if you don't have the appropriate experience and equipment.

Corrosion around the chipset
Dell 1200. Colorful patterns of corrosion
Drenched with rust. Even the battery was not spared by the mysterious liquid
Transistor dissolved
Water works in mysterious ways

Well, good luck and be careful, shell nothing bad happen to your favorite device.

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